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Facebook Profile PhotoAnyone who has spent any amount of time on Facebook had received multiple Friend Requests. Everyone responds to them differently. Some folks just automatically accept them; some dogmatically reject them unless they are from immediate family. And others, they do a bit of investigation before making up their mind.

Are Profile Photos Important?

Yes, the are a key part of your profile and often are the deciding factor of whether people connect with you or not?

Usually the first thing is to actually go to the profile to see if this is someone you want to be friends with, unless off course you are one of the few that accepts everyone as a friend. Realistically though, most of us do not talk to everyone at every party we go to (unless of course, we’re running for a political office) so most people are the same online. The point is that it’s OK to not be friends with everyone who tries to connect on Facebook.

Profile Photos and more

So what do people look at when going to someone profile? Most people check three areas – the profile photo, the person's location, and if they have friends or groups in common. That usually gives enough info to make a decision about connecting as friends.
When considering their location most people like to connect with people whose profiles show that they are from a places where you've been, places you want to visit, or in places you know you'll probably only ever get to in your dreams, but it's fun to think you have friends there waiting for you.

By checking to see you you have friends or groups in common that would tell you as to why they are trying to connect with you. This factor might convince be enough for you to connect even if their profile photo doesn't completely convince you.

However, usually the first thing thing new friends or prospective friends look at is the Facebook profile photo. In fact, often the profile photo is enough to make the decision. Some types of profile photos are an automatic YES while others will have us clicking the NOT NOW button.

That's right. The profile photo you use on social networking sites will be used by people whom you don’t know to size you up – personally or professionally. We all do it - in fact, we do it all the time.

What does your Profile Photo say about you?

Take a few minutes to evaluate your own profile page and decide what kind of statement your profile photo is making about you. Remember that when people who follow you scroll through their news feeds, they will see your updates and your photo.

You want people to be able to recognize your profile photo immediately and have that profile photo remind them that they really want to read your updates and notices. You will want to make sure your Facebook profiles features you in one of four types of Facebook profile photos that usually get the result you want - a new friend connection.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Remember, the people you follow will have their posts show up in your news feeds for all your friends to see. Your friends will see how you're hanging out with and may make decisions on that. Jim's quote challenges us to choose our friends wisely and that's true on Facebook as well.

Hopefully this information has challenged you to consider the image your Facebook profile photo says about you. Feel free to leave a comment whether you agree or not.

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