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Profile PhotosThe image we choose as our Facebook Profile Photo is the first impression people have of who we are.   When Facebookers get a Friend Request, one of the first things they do is go to the profile to see who they are so they can decide whether or not to accept the request.

The key is to figure out who this person is that want to be their their friend and maybe even if they are a real person.   Lately there has been an increase of requests from corporations and business and personally,  unless it’s a business I associate with (like my favorite bakery),  those requests usually get rejected.

Profile Photos to Pass the Request

Professionals and entrepreneurs want to connect with business professionals.   A professional looking profile photo will tell a lot about character or professionalism.  It's true - A picture says it all.

Certain categories of Facebook profile photos will receive a warmer and friendlier response to those friend requests that we all sent each other.

Four Categories of Positive Profile Photos

The Professional Profile Photo

Professional Profile PhotoThese almost always get an immediate Acceptance to a friend request.  The photo shows who you are;  you have a great look about you and demonstrate friendliness.  It may even be a family photo or of you and your spouse, but it’s easy to identify you are “Tom” or “Ann”.   People are glad to get to know you over conversation and build a relationship via Facebook and who knows, maybe even support each other in business down the road.

The Picture Photo:

Sunset PhotoThis refers to those profile pictures of cars, flames, pianos, sunsets or whatever.  They may be beautiful pictures and they may mean something to you, but to someone just meeting you for the first time so it means nothing to them.  Often, if the photo is not goofy, people will  spend a few minutes checking out the rest of the profile to see if you truly are someone they want to connect with.  Unfortunately, this choice of profile photo doesn't make the decision of connecting as automatic as some of the other categories of photos.

The Scowling Photo:

Scowling Profile PhotoThis type of photo may have us wondering if you were you attending a friend’s funeral when the photo was taken?  It looks like a professional Profile Photo and is what you often see on corporate brochures and lots of websites.  Profile photos should be professional, yes, but they should also reflect that you as a friendly person.  You just asked someone to be your friend, but you sure don’t look like it.   This type of photo means people have to check the rest of your profile before making a decision.

Oh, just as a note, a research study conducted on Twitter that suggested that people who smile gain 28% more followers.  The same would apply to Facebook.

The Info Photo:

Info Profile PhotoThis type of profile photo almost always gets an immediate positive response to a friend request.  Why?  Because the picture says it all.   The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words and that has never been truer since Facebook changed their profile photo requirements.

These profile photos say all a person needs to know about you.  They provide the potential new friend with links to your website, your twitter, your business.  They also often details a mission statement and who you are.

These type of profile photos put all that information front and center so when a person first gets to a profile it becomes and easy decision as to whether or not to friend them or accept their friend request.   Most entrepreneurs and professionals will choose to get to know you better.  Connection is automatic if the information on the photo shows common interests.

For a great example of this profile photo, check out the author's personal Facebook profile ... and consider connecting.  Click to go to Erica's Profile.


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