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A Facebook Profile Photo to Avoid


Facebook profile photos shout out to the world what, as in the case of corporations or business pages, or who the profile belongs to.

That profile photo is the first thing people glance at when deciding if they want to connect with that person or like the page.

Six Profile Photos that show No Professionalism

These are the categories of profile photos you will want to avoid if you are trying to promote yourself as a professional or networker you.  Most of these types of profile photo depicts a character that may not be too professional.

The Phantom Profile Photo

Phantom Profile PhotoThis is the default photo that Facebook puts up when you first open your account.   This has to be one of the worst offenses on a social media site.  Be honest with yourself - social media is about being “social.”  People want to see you!  Most networkers or professionals do not "friend" Facebook profiles that only have the phantom photo, unless of course, we are working with them to help them set up their profile.

The Long Distance Shot

Distant Profile PhotoIt’s beautiful scenery and there might be a person somewhere in the photo, but it’s all too far away to be seen.  These kind of photos are great in an album if you what to show us where you've been or where you live, but not a good idea as a profile photo.  Almost seems as if you’re trying to blend into the horizon, and that says that your marketing is off in the distance as well.  Get a little closer so we can get to know you!

The Sweet Kid Profile Photo

Kid PhotoWhen you see a profile photo of a child, often the thought is that this Facebook account should not exist as no one under 13 is suppose to have an account with Facebook.  Whether or not it’s a picture of your child or of you as a child, most people will think that it is you today and usually leave your profile.  Again, nothing wrong with pictures of your children or of your youth, but put them in an album and clearly identify them.

The Adorable Pet Photo

Pet Profile PhotoMost people do not do business or have coffee and conversations with dogs and cats, so why would we connect on a social platform.  Let's clarify this before you post some comments that we hate cats or dogs, or any pet for that matter.  Just because it's suggested we don't socialize with pets, that does not mean we have anything against animals.  (Our family has had it's share of pets over the years) By all means, post photos of your favorite pet ... videos even.  Just add them in your photo’s, never as your profile picture.

The Party Animal Profile Photo

Party Animal PhotoReally?  This is the other type of animal photos we often see as profile photos.  True, it's usually found on site of younger folks, but remember, the internet never forgets.  Is this really the reputation you want to have?

Maybe today, but what about when you apply for a new job or are trying to impress a client?

This type of profile photo falls into the same category as the next one and you'll find that most professional networkers the profile as quickly as they came to it.

The Sexy Hot Shot

The Too Revealing PhotoThere is a proper time and place to play the part of the seductress.  Most networkers agree that business mixers and business connections are not the place.  If you want to promote yourself and your brand on a social website, consider how others consider what it is you're really promoting.  If you showed up are the office or place of business dressed like that, how image would that give the customers.  Same for being on Facebook and trying to make new connections.  Best advice is “Please cover it up!”

There is nothing less professional than a scantily clothed person trying to do business.

The Blurry / Too Dark Photo

The Too Dark Profile Photo
You come to a profile where you can't figure out what the profile photo because you really can't see anything.  In fact, it's very likely that you probably think, “This person needs some help with their graphics.”

If that's you response, feel free to refer them to this site so we can help them present a clearer picture of who they are to the world.
Just a big blur
At least they tried to not be a phantom, so take a closer look at their profile before deciding whether or not to be friends.  If this is what your profile photo looks like our suggestion is that you find a better picture and by all means get rid of the blur and shadows.

The Group Profile Photo

Group Profile PhotoThis may look like a great family shot or reunion or class graduation, but which one is you?  These types of photos belong in the same category as The Sweet Kid or Adorable Pet Photo and belong in an album – but then, be sure to tag yourself so people can figure out exactly who you are.

The Way Out Creativity Photo

Wayout PhotoUnless your brand is “Goofy” or something similar, the photos with all the goofy hats, clothes and stunts usually send out the wrong message.

When people find your profile, they look at the profile photo and recognize that it's not a photo of you.  This type of profile photo almost shouts unprofessional. They may seem funny to you when you put them up, but unless your profession is that of being a clown, it's best to leave the clowning around off of your your profile photo.

Use them in your posts or your photo albums, just not as a image of who you are as everyone knows that's not the real you.

The Cartoon Photo:

Cartoon Profile PhotoProfiles that uses a cartoon or cartoon figure of some sort, or even a photo of some celebrity,  is usually the profile of someone who is hiding their identity.  Either they are not happy with themselves, feel insecure, and feel the need to be identified as Fred Flintstone or Mickey Mouse, or they are not using their profile in a very professional manner.   Most networkers would definitely check out the rest of the profile to see if it matches their profile photo before make any decision about connecting with them or not.


Choose your Profile Photo Wisely

Business professionals, networkers, and entrepreneurs work hard to present an image of professionalism when they meet their clients on appointments or represent themselves and their business at networking events, trade shows or mixers.  They debate as to what to wear, their hair and makeup, and what marketing materials they will have with them.

Put that same thought into your online presence.  Make sure the image your present on you profile matches the one you gave while at the mixer or while meeting with the client.  Never underestimate the power of a negative profile photo so examine what's on your profile today.

To see the profile photos that usually get positive results, check out Profile Photos to Pass the Friend Request.


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